Ute Camper

If you would prefer not to drag a camper trailer around when you travel then have you considered the option of a ute camper? Specially designed ute campers or ute add-ons are available to change your ute into a whole on wheels.

Ute campers are like a utility vehicle or pickup truck, that replaces the tray for a small caravan that is a lot similar to a pop up caravan.

They are best designed for off-road traveling and relatively difficult terrain that other caravan’s cannot sustain. Since it is entirely mounted on the vehicle, there is less danger of your caravan getting damages or toppling over.

The main highlight of utility campers is storage, which are made to include as much storage items and equipment packed inside as much as possible. Once you plan to stop over even at a place where there is limited or uneven platform, you can still camp up with your convenience as everything takes support of the vehicle.The bed usually installed is a king sized bed that can be easily spread out from the storage. If you wish more, you can always store sleeping bags and pillows with its ample storage facility.

They come in multiple designs but they are so easy to open and close the caravan that anyone can do it, and it does not require more than one person to have everything ready. It generally comes with built in refrigerator, permanent gas connection and portable kitchen. For storage of items, it has a kitchen pantry cupboard and kitchen storage area to keep all the edibles and cutlery respectively.

There is also clothing storage along with general purpose storage. The power system is dependent on the size of battery that is installed. However for greater independence, some caravans have the option of installing a solar system so you will never need to recharge at any station. Water supply is also powered so that it can pump itself some water from any external source.

Why Buy A Ute Camper?

  1. No Annoying Trailers

    There is nothing more frustrating then wanting to stop at an attraction or lookout only to realise that there is not parking available for a car AND a trailer (be that a camper trailer or pop up caravan). A Ute camper fixes this problem by having your accommodation on the back of your ute.

  2. A Cheaper Alternative To A Caravan

    If you were planning on towing a caravan behind your utility vehicle then buy purchasing a slide of ute camper will be a lot less expensive then purchasing that caravan or 5th wheel camper you had been eying off.

  3. Perfect For A Couple

    If there is just the two of you, then sometimes a caravan or camper trailer can be a little bit to big for what you need. Now if you are a family then obviously ute campers are not for you, but for a couple looking at doing a bit of traveling – they are a great alternative to look into.

There are also more options for these caravan’s for longer travels like adding extra water storage tank, fridge, lighting points, and floor coverings for ease of maintenance. They also come with a warranty to ensure that your travels go smoothly while you get used to its system. The best advantage that you can still add a trailer t your car for extra room and storage.

The pop-up utility camper is perfectly designed for short travels at long distances where you would like to have a great evening or night at a perfect chosen spot. It may not have all the necessities like a bathroom or television but it has excellent mobility from once place to another for a small family. If you need extra luxury then an additional caravan can tag along like any other truck.

A ute camper is well worth considering if you are looking to spend some time traveling Australia!