VW Kombi Campers For Sale

There is nothing as retro as VW Kombi campers, but the hardest thing is finding one for sale!

Every time I think of them, I picture a surfer driving his VW camper van with a surf board on top, driving across the country in the search for that elusive ‘perfect wave’.

But that doesn’t mean that only surfers can own VW Kombi campers!

A lot of baby boomers are are snapping up the ones for sale, because they had one when they were first out and now they are starting to retire, they are purchasing new ones for their travels.

Why Buy A VW Kombi Camper?

  • To Reminisce
    Maybe you are one of the baby boomers who’s first car was a Kombi? A lot of these vans are getting snapped up by people who always wanted one growing up. 
  • Because They Are Retro Cool
    Or maybe you are a surfer who wants to chuck his board in the back and travel with a mate up and down the coast line to grab the best waves. The VW Kombi campers have definitely been revived as ‘retro‘. 
  • Just Because You Love Kombi’s 
     Possibly you could have just seen one and thought, ‘That is one nice looking van, I’d like one!’. 

The problem is that there are not a lot of VW Kombi campers for sale at any one time. So if you are lucky enough to pick one up – that is great! However, if you missed out then my best suggestion is to just purchase a regular Kombi and fit it out yourself. That way you get it exactly the way you like it (and will have much newer finishes).