30 ft Caravan For Sale

Sometimes little ute campers are not big enough and you are looking for a 30 ft caravan for sale!

Whether it is because you are taking your family around Australia, or just wanting that extra room for your travels a 30 ft caravan is an excellent option that gives you enough room for everything you need.

There are three main options when considering a 30 ft caravan for sale, so lets tale a closer look at them.

30 Ft Caravan Options

Regular Caravan

The normal 30 ft caravan for sale is what everyone usually starts off looking for – and it is a great place to start.

A large caravan is fantastic for long term travel as it gives you that extra space, and allows you to have almost everything that a small apartment has to offer – expect it is mobile.

You will need to keep in mind that a decent size 4WD will be needed to tow something of this size.

5th Wheeler

Another style of large camper is the 5th Wheeler.

Named after is large attachment (wheel) that connects onto the back of a ute (different to a ute camper), the fifth wheeler has a strong connection that allows for larger and bulkier caravans.

If you are looking for a 30 ft caravan than finding a fifth wheeler for sale is a great alternative.

RV Motorhome

And finally there is the motor-home. Definitely the ultimate in travel accommodation, these bus-like caravans are fantastic for long-term, long-distance travel in incredible comfort.

The only problem with a motor-home is that you may need to tow a small car behind you, as finding a park for your RV could be a little difficult.